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2013 - 2014 Officers

President: Mazi Mazloom

President Elect: Laura J. Murphree

Treasurer: Dawn R. Levine

Secretary: Randall F. Rogers

2013 - 2014 Section Presidents

Bankruptcy Section:
Ian Falcone

Business Law & Litigation Section:
Perry Phillips

Criminal Law Section:
Kim K. Frye

Elder Law Section:
Althea Caces

Family Law Section:
John Thomas Gunn

Solo/Small Firm Section:
Bryan Kaplan

Trial Lawyers Section:
Andrew W. Jones

Women of the Bar:
Jane P. Manning

Younger Lawyer Division:
Chase Swanson


From the Cobb County Bar Office:

Past-President’s Message: 

Robert F. Schnatmeier


It is hard for me to believe that my term as President has already come to an end.  It has been a great honor and privilege to lead this wonderful group over the past year.  Each time I attended any State Bar event, without fail, someone would come up and tell me what a great bar we have here in Cobb County.   Read more

Robert F. Schnatmeier, Jr.
Past-President, Cobb County Bar Association

Congratulations to the 2013-2014
Cobb County Bar Executive Committee

President: Mazi Mazloom
President Elect: Laura J. Murphree
Treasurer: Dawn R. Levine
Secretary: Randall F. Rogers

Cobb County Bar Association Dues:

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 2013 Law Day Events

Law Day Award Luncheon




First Annual Cobb County Bar Law Day Golf Tournament



The Cobb County Bar Association is pleased to announce the First Annual Law Day Golf Tournament to be held May 3rd at the Marietta City Club. All proceeds will benefit the Cobb Bar's Children's Emergency Fund.

Law Day Social

Annual CCLPA Law Day Breakfast

All members are invited to the Annual Cobb County Legal Professional Association Law Day breakfast, May 1st, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am, in the Jury Assembly Room, new Superior Courthouse.  Stop by and enjoy coffee and breakfast provided by the CCLPA. A rose boutonnieres will be given to each Cobb Bar Member (while they last).  Click here to view invitation

Feature Articles


Board of Governor’s Report

By Dennis C. O’Brien

On March 9, 2013, the 246th meeting of the State Bar Board of Governors was called to order by President Robin Frazer Clark. It was a beautiful “spring like” weekend in Greensboro, Georgia at the Lodge at Reynolds Plantation. We began with a welcome followed by recognition of former presidents, judges, and special guests. A written roll call was then circulated among the members. We then approved minutes from our Mid-Year Meeting in Atlanta and previous Executive Committee Meetings, followed by approval of our future meeting schedule. Normal business then followed. Read more


2013 Cobb Regional High School Mock Trial Competition

By Judge Prodgers

Addison Cowell was one of two finalists at school being considered by the University of Georgia for a band scholarship.  Friday was a big day for Addison because the UGA recruiter was to be on campus that day to evaluate the contenders.  As it turned out, Addison’s dog, Rags, bolted out of the house and had to be chased down.  So Addison was late to band practice.  As punishment for being late, the band director, Marion Roberts, told Addison to run laps around the track. Read more

Small Firm Success for the Associate Attorney: Generating Revenue

By Tracy Rhodes

The practice of law for a young lawyer is a complicated mix of academic rigor, people skills, and business savvy, and to be successful in a small law firm, you must be proficient in all three. The academic part is perhaps the easiest because we all spend three years in law school learning how to read, write, and occasionally think. People skills help you relate to your colleagues and establish meaningful (and hopefully profitable) relationships with your clients. With these two important skills demanding so much of a young lawyer’s time and attention, it’s easy to ignore the financial bottom line … easy and foolhardy, because the revenue you generate is the same money that funds your salary, pays the electricity bill, and satisfies the partners whose names are on the front door of the firm and whose signatures are on your paychecks.  Read more

Two Rights Don’t Make A Wrong But Three Rights Make A Left

By Barbara Berger

Accidents. No one intends them or means them, hence the name…accident!This is small consolation if you are the one on the receiving end. Accidents from left turns are accidents we can prevent if we approach the way we drive a little differently. In my experience, totaling over 10 years in Cobb State Court, a very informal personal accounting shows that at least 85% of all accidents I see in court occur when people are making a left turn. As a practical matter, think about it…the idea of making a left turn across oncoming traffic is…hardly reassuring. All that stands between you and a prayer is the hope that the other drivers headed toward you are obeying the speed limit and paying attention (not texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, or otherwise distracted).  Read more

Good Idea, Bad Execution

By Jack Lyle

A few days ago, I ran across an acquaintance who I consider to be a self-appointed expert on everything (a “know-it-all”), and we fell to talking about the legal profession. Before I knew it, I found myself defending the manner in which lawyers express themselves.
My friend said “lawyer talk sounds like Greek to regular people like me.”
“You have to understand”, I replied with dignity, “that we are members of a learned profession. We have to be able to draw distinctions that aren’t normally used by laypersons.” Read more


IRA Investments in Real Estate and Other Non-Publicly Traded Investments

By Allen Buckley

In recent years, many individuals have turned to their IRAs to purchase real estate and other non-publicly traded investments. Often, it is done because financing cannot be acquired to purchase real estate. Sometimes, the objective is to form a business. The tax risks incident to these investments are summarized below.
Impermissible Investments. An IRA can invest in anything other than assets enumerated in Internal Revenue Code ("Code") §408. Under Code §408(a), an IRA cannot acquire life insurance. Under Code §408(m), an IRA is deemed to distribute (upon purchase) any work of art, rug, antique, metal or gem, stamps and coins (subject to some exceptions). Thus, these investments are impermissible. Read more

Loose Ends

By Tom Woodward

Cobb County Senior Assistant District Attorney Tom Woodward, has published a book of short story mysteries. The book, entitled Loose Ends, is an eclectic mix of storylines from a variety of locales featuring various protagonists and antagonists, including detectives, medical examiners, lawyers, and miscellaneous persons, some of dubious character. Containing a mix of humor and romance, the stories take place in, among other settings, courtrooms, the North Georgia mountains, and a location suspiciously reminiscent of Smyrna.   Read more


“Do Good”: CJF Volunteer Lives Her Mother’s Last Words Everyday

By: Amanda N. Moulthrop
Director, Cobb Justice Foundation

When Alex Manning’s mother passed away seven years ago, her last words to her daughter were “do good.” And “done good,” she certainly has. From donating a kidney to helping indigent clients obtain temporary protective orders, Alex lives her mother’s motto of doing good every day.  Read more


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